Spencers recent work is
about the manipulation of greenwood.

Carved Sculpture

Spencer uses traditional bodging techniques and tools such as: Wood splitting and cleaving, rough shaping with a Bill Hook and Side Axe. For refined shaping he uses a draw knife, spoke shave, carving knives and chisels. To create the final shape and form he works with a cabinet scraper, then sands, steams in hand built steam box and bends uses various handmade jigs and physical force.

Willow Sculpture and Bespoke Furniture

The outdoor willow sculptures are made using a steel armature which is bent and shaped by hand. Various types of Willow are woven using a variety of developed contemporary directional layered weaves to envelop the form of the steel framework, creating movement and soft curves.

Spencer’s indoor willow sculpture are generally made using willow with out the steel frame, this makes the work totally organic in structure as well as form.

“It's about taking your time and being present to the wood and the moment”